Gerald Fischbach, Curriculum Coordinator

The wide-ranging schedule provides offerings for school string teachers; private studio teachers; solo, chamber music, and orchestral performers; and dedicated amateurs, addressing issues from beginner through artist level. Faculty have selected their favorite themes and offerings, to make the ISW's Grand Finale event the most valuable, most memorable ever:


Ronda Cole

  • Excellence, Right from the Start
  • Beginning Beginners
  • Different Strokes for All Folks (bow strokes)
  • Suzuki Book 1
  • Growing Vibrato from Seed
  • Suzuki Book 2
  • "Tuffie Wuffie" Helping Students Walk Through Walls
  • Suzuki Book 3
  • Suzuki Book 4

Robert Culver

  • Master Teacher Profile
  • Group Dynamics Update

PhotoManuel Diaz

  • Viola: Cinderella No More
  • Viola Vibrato

Garrett Fischbach

  • Preparing for Orchestra Auditions: Success by Design. Participants are encouraged to prepare one or two standard orchestral excerpts for the classes.

Gerald Fischbach

  • Rolland Principles and Techniques
  • Vibrato
  • Shifting
  • The Beginning String Student: Artistry From the First Lesson
  • Massenet "Meditation" from Thaïs
  • Gabriel-Marie La Cinquantaine
  • 4th Finger Project
  • Mozart Concerto No. 5 in A

Barry Green

  • The Inner Game of Music
  • The Mastery of Music
  • Green Seminars

François Rabbath

  • Rabbath Seminars

Marvin Rabin

  • Dr. Rabin will share his wisdom in private consultations and group discussions

Jeffrey Solow

  • Bowing Bach
  • Different Strokes
  • Brahms E Minor Sonata
  • Dvorák Concerto

PhotoIvan Straus

  • Dvorák Romance in F Minor
  • New Edition of Smetana Duos
  • Overview of Capet's Superior Bowing Technique
  • Performing Style for Bach E Minor Partita

Phyllis Young

  • The String Game: Getting Young Cellists Off to a Great Start
  • Sing, Dance, Talk, Whisper! The Eloquent Bow
  • Finding the Gorgeous Tone with the Bow
  • Planting Cello Vibrato with Roots in the Heart
  • Early Vibrato Enhancing Solos
  • Recent Publications for Cellists
  • Stand Alone Sonata Movements
  • A Light Hearted Approach to Deep-in-the-Heart Principles
  • More Stand Alone Movements from Sonatas


Repertoire Classes
Classes in Elementary to Advanced repertoire give the pedagogy offerings musical context.

Master Classes
Participants of all ages and levels may apply for a spot as performer in a master class with Manuel Diaz, Gerald Fischbach, François Rabbath, Jeffrey Solow, Ivan Straus, or Phyllis Young.

Melkus Seminar
Eduard Melkus will present seminars on:

  • Stylistic Ornamentation in Baroque Music, Especially in the Handel Violin Sonatas
  • The Wellesz Violin Concerto as a Follower of Alban Berg's Concerto
  • The Reger Violin Concerto, Op. 101, and Its Relation to the Brahms Concerto
  • The Beethoven Violin Concerto, Op. 61: Virtuoso Concerto or Symphony With Solo Violin Obligato?


Chamber Music
Daily coachings by Diane Birr, Manuel Diaz, Jeffrey Solow, and Ivan Straus.

Cello Choir
Ain't nothin' like it in this world! Especially as lovingly led by Phyllis Young.

Conducted Ensembles
The International String Orchestra (rehearsing and performing Dvorák's Serenade Op. 22 in E Major and R. Vaughn Williams' Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis) and the IW Chorus are open to all participants. Membership in the IW Melkus Ensemble (rehearsing and performing Biber's Suite in A Minor, Fux's Sonata in D Major, and more) is by audition.

International Festival of Concerts
A memorable capstone to your experience. In addition to concerts by the artist-faculty, Participant Soloist and Chamber Music Recitals, the International String Orchestra, the IW Melkus Ensemble, and the IW Chorus provide performance opportunities for you.

Conducting Miniseminar

Sessions in Ensemble Rehearsal Techniques, Score Analysis, and Conducting Gestural Technique offer the String Workshop participant a sampling of the Orchestral Conducting curriculum.

Participant Showcase

In this idea-sharing forum, participants may apply to appear as a presenter at the International Workshops.

Offerings for All

  • Opening Ceremony in Landhaus Square
  • Governor's Welcome at the Burg
  • International Festival of Concerts
  • Participant Soloist and Chamber Music Recitals
  • Faculty & Participant Art Exhibitions
  • Mayor's Auf Wiedersehen Party
  • ...and additional Grand Finale surprises still in the planning!

See you at "The International's" Grand Finale Celebration in Graz!


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