For our Grand Finale event, MENC Past President June Hinckley leads our K-8 General Music curriculum. Dr. Hinckley's expertise in U.S. National Standards for Music Education, which she helped write, will inform many of her session topics, including:

  • Creativity in the General Music Classroom. Student composition, improvisation, and arranging can bring the music classroom alive, can make the possibility to be musically literate "real" to students, and can amaze parents! These sessions will examine student-friendly, success-by-design curricula, as well as ways to manage student work and evaluate it.
  • Curriculum Mapping in Music K-8. Here, we get to the "Big Picture" issues: curriculum progression over time; focused instruction planning; making best use of precious classroom time; individualizing the curriculum; satisfying district, state, and national standards and mandates; and more!
  • Integrated Music Assessment. When we assess well, we learn whether individual students have "caught what we have taught." This does not have to entail stopping the teaching process! Good assessment can be an organic part of good instruction
  • Making Curriculum Connections that Matter. Because music is the thread that binds the fabric of our lives, it is the natural vehicle of curriculum connections. Planning easily-done, integrated curriculum projects so that all subjects retain their integrity make music instruction more powerful, and more universally valued.
  • Pre-K Students and Music Making. Our littlest music makers can be a joy to teach, if we understand that they are not just "small kindergarteners." Successful management techniques, age appropriate materials, developmentally appropriate activities: this session will discuss "what works" with the little ones.
  • Working with At-Risk Students. Often it's your "problem" students who most need music in their lives. Finding ways to help them be successful in music class can be the most satisfying part of teaching. Proven teaching and classroom management techniques for "at-risk" students will be discussed
  • Matching Your Teaching to the National Standards for Music Education. The U.S. National Standards are the most significant development in music education in the past 50 years. They are, simply put, about good teaching, about things you have mostly been doing all along. They provide a structure for organization and assessment, and perhaps a concept or two new to your current pedagogy package. Dr. Hinckley will offer a behind-the-scenes look into the dynamics, philosophies, and intentions underlying the Standards. She will offer real-life examples of how they can help you provide new depth, excitement, cohesiveness, and effectiveness through your teaching.
  • Opportunities to Review Choral Literature Appropriate for Young Voices

Cross-Discipline Topics

Offerings for All

  • Opening Ceremony in Landhaus Square
  • Governor's Welcome at the Burg
  • International Festival of Concerts
  • Participant Soloist and Chamber Music Recitals
  • Faculty & Participant Art Exhibitions
  • Mayor's Auf Wiedersehen Party
  • ...and additional Grand Finale surprises still in the planning!

Continuous interaction with colleagues from around the globe, inspiring immersion in a world-class series of concerts--this is the stuff warm memories and inspired teaching are made of!


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